Hello everyone, my name is Tuna Duong, I am currently CMO at CryptoVN. A leading crypto community in Vietnam that specializes in providing AMA services and bringing big projects to Vietnamese investors. …

Today as we know, cryptocurrency is no stranger to all of us and accounts for a high percentage in all types of transactions and that is where projects come into being. Expectations and target to dominate the market to get there really must have a team and a right direction…

hello, how are you?

What is UPFI?

UPFI — Partly Collateralized and Partly Algorithmic Stablecoins Highly scalable, trustless, extremely stable, pure on-chain.

UPFI is the first stablecoin protocol which design principles to create a highly scalable, non-custodial, extremely stable, fractional-algorithmic, and pure on-chain financials on Solana. It supports next-generation payment networks on the blockchain.

We utilize a…

David Tuna | Review Project

Review Project ICO,IEO,Exchange.. Contact Info: tunaduong999@gmail.com Telegram: @Tuna_Duong2

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