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Coming to today’s post, I want to introduce to you an extremely wonderful project that is called aspelabs. Why am I sharing this because this is a potential project and helps us to increase profits in the future. You are confused because the market is in turmoil so why not try this amazing project with me.

What is aspenlabs?

AspenLabs is the world’s first comprehensive platform for building and training advanced deep learning and machine learning applications. It combines an extremely powerful open source machine learning framework (MLlib) with the ability to deploy models as web and mobile apps.
There is also a training platform (Aspen Universe) and a super-fast GPU-accelerated cloud platform (Aspen Galaxy) for deploying and running machine learning models in the cloud.

The mission of the aspenlabs project was born as a product that is not intended for appreciation but works in a similar way to a fixed deposit account at a bank. The crypto asset is a unit of account, so the interest accrued in one year will be paid out by issuing one more fractional token equivalent to the interest accrued in the deposit year. dLEND can be used to encrypt student loans and mortgages in countries with unreliable banking systems. Make $1.7 trillion worth of digital assets available to lend to borrowers around the world.

core features of the project :

dCOLLECT is their historic NFT series that brings events like the American, French, and Cuban Revolutions into the collectible world.
It doesn’t stop there with the historic NFT dCOLLECT line, their model is to allow full ownership…
American Revolution Pack Release May 30, 2021 for $99 USDT or ETH
The team’s desire is to keep the supply low and exclusive, the maximum supply in any given bundle will be 500 and on average there will be around 190 tokens issued per release. This is a list of the NFTs included in the American Revolution Package. Ultimately, they want to link these NFTs to their dLEND platform so that holders earn passive interest on their NFTs.

token distribution details :

30,000,000 tokens available through staking will be distributed in the following manner; 3,000,000 per year, equivalent to 8,219 tokens distributed per day. Aspen token distribution will be halved every 3 years. In the year 7–10 after the release of our protocol, only 750,000 tokens per year will be issued.
Over a period of 32 years, 23,743,750 tokens will be issued through pooled staking. When an additional 15,000,000 were minted for the pool and platform, creating a total of 38,743,750 tokens, which is 86% of the total supply. Over the next 32 years, the total number of issued tokens will equal 56,030, representing 0.12% of the total supply. Our intention is that Aspen will have tangible potential as a value creation vehicle for many years.

About the road map :

June 14th: Bounty program begins!

June 25th: The American Revolution NFT pack drop

July 3rd: Details about our Hypersphere De-Fi Platform announced

July 10th: Aspen Whitepaper 1.0 Release

End of August: Official code audit of Hypersphere prior to August launch

August/September: Hypersphere launch on Polkadot via Moonbeam

Conclusion :

This is a project with a revolutionary idea of the world consisting of an ambitious team and they want to create a very unique and strong foundation towards the long term future. The reason is that it is still young and limited, although the idea is quite good and has a global breakthrough, but the ability to reach many investors and users is still too low, it is necessary to invest in promoting the project more strongly. and my shared article is enough for investors as well as everyone to think about this great project, right? And why don’t you give it a try to experience these amazing features and ideas of theirs.

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