ClikPad is a transparent and community-focused DeFi cross-chain platform

Today is an amazing day and I want to share with you a very cool project. Clikpad this is a transparent and community-focused DeFi cross-chain platform project, offering project fundraising, IFO, NFT, token sale. So how does this project work? What are the benefits and background, let’s go to find out more about this great project together.

What is ClikPad?

ClikPad is a community-centric and transparent DeFi cross-chain platform offering project fundraisings, IFO,NFT,token sales, and much more for the Crypto community. Lets join hands together to make investment a more secure and more transparent.

The benefits of using the clickpad platform ?

Guaranteed Allocation

Every whitelisting winner will be allotted a separate time to claim token allocation to prevent the issue of missing the claim by few seconds.

One Time KYC

Introducing One Time KYC feature to overcome the hassle of multiple KYC submissions for every project IDO.

Multi Chain Wallet Connection

Connect several wallets from different blockchains with a single click. Our platform will organically synchronize all your assets to have faster access to all the functions hosted by the ClikPad team.

Multi Chain Sales

Expand your fundraising horizons with our platform. Defeat the classic single-chain limit, chose our multi-chain protocol ( ETH, BNB, HECO) to attract investors from all over the crypto community.

Multi Chain Farming and Swaps

Swap and stake in a revolutionary way on our platform. Use our No-Fee atomic swap tool to manage your funds in the most decentralized way possible, stake your assets and claim the reward you prefer with our multichain pools.

Insurance Treasury

Each project that launches through our platform will contribute to our insurance treasury. Providing donors in our community a sense of financial protection againstpotential project failure.

NFT Auctions

Bring the demand for NFTs to DeFi and create an auction for your non-fungible tokens.

CLIK Token Features

To operate in our launch pad, staking and vote on governance proposals we will launch $CLIK BEP20 token. It will play a central role in our platform.

About Tiers-Free Allocation System

We disrupted the concept of tiers by giving the possibility to everyone to be eligible for a guaranteed allocation, no matter how many tokens are held. This way, we incentivize the purchase of our tokens, because every single $CLIK you add on your wallet will impact your personal allocation and you don’t need to reach a specific threshold to be able to increase it.

Conclusion :

This is a young project that is quite new for investors who need to actively promote these great ideas more to be able to develop a strong user ecosystem, Why am I sharing I would like to share with you this wonderful project because as an investor myself, I feel this project has a pretty solid foundation, that’s why I want to share with you the clikpad project. , Why not try the experience, you can feel the greatness that the clikpad project brings.

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