Dehero game defi game project is both relaxing and profitable

Coming to today’s post, I want to share with you a very potential project. As you know, the game defi is currently being noticed by a lot of investors and users alike, because of its uniqueness that makes it both profitable and able to play the game, and what is that project? Dehero . Why am I sharing this let’s come to my analysis of this project together.

What is dehero?

dehero is a kind of NFT defi game with fighting game with cards, attributes as well as cards of each character’s characteristics, is a type of strategy game, generals fight with each other, gamers must understand each type of card. Posts of each attribute , quite attractive and bold gray matter . This is the game that many people are looking forward to today, because the normal investment has become boring with this idea, the dehero project has been one of the most anticipated games.

and especially this project is released from


MixMarvel is a global game publishing platform based on blockchain technology
MixMarvel aspires to build a vast 3D virtual game world created by users and developers worldwide that is, in a sense, a blockchain version of the virtual world of the motion movie Ready Player One.

basic gameplay of the game dehero

DeHero has created a pricing mechanism that allows the token to set the NFT price.
As each NFT token is printed, the corresponding number of tokens — Fungible Tokens — will be locked to the card. Therefore, the NFT tag is fundamentally different from the NFT of digital collectibles and other NFT artwork.
The original blockchain asset, the NFT token uses FT as the base value, ensuring the stability of the NFT asset value.
This way, this base price NFT can better connect to DeFi. They could even become the new high-quality asset of mortgage lending operations based on NFT, NFTEX and other DeFi protocols.
As NFT itself becomes a high-quality asset and generates more revenue through some games designed by DeHero, its liquidity will be guaranteed.
NFT can span more application scenarios, such as improving games like NFT card battles and opening up DAO community governance.

In DeHero, players can get random NFT hero cards by purchasing blind box NFT card packs, placing FT assets and providing liquidity.
Each hero has six quality levels: white, green, blue, purple, orange and yellow — ranking from low to high. The higher the level, the higher the combat ability.
The number of cards, quality, fighting ability and the number of cards contained determine the value of the NFT card.
After receiving the NFT card, the player can: participate in card mining, build a mining strategy according to the rules of the game, improve the mining efficiency and get more revenue from the game.

How to get NFT ?

Buy Blind Box NFT Card Bundle — Users can purchase Blind Box NFT Card Bundle at various prices. With different prices, the quality of the NFT cards obtained also varies. After a successful purchase, the user can open the blind box and randomly receive a hero character’s NFT card in the “My Card Packs” section.

Draw NFT blind box card pack through staking — User can choose to bet different tokens to earn NFT tokens. User draws NFT blind squares through BNB and BUSD bets. Certain values ​​of HEROES (DeHero governance token) are also locked in the NFT token.

In addition to staking the main assets, users can also get NFT blind boxes by betting HEROES directly. Depending on the number of HEROES cards wagered, the quality of the NFT cards that can be obtained from the resulting card pack will also vary.

Buy on Marketplace — players can also buy their favorite NFT tokens directly on Marketplace. The market has several NFT trading zones, all of which support major BSC assets and NFT exchanges.

Conclusion :

Dehero has a quite attractive and unique gameplay combined with the feature of making money in the future, is a strategy game about cards. in the future this will be a money-making game that develops strongly in future , but needs to be more active to let more people know about the features and ideas of this game. Through my above article, you probably have felt how and how the game works, If you see this post of mine, you can experience this great defi game with me.

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Review Project ICO,IEO,Exchange.. Contact Info: Telegram: @Tuna_Duong2

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David Tuna | Review Project

David Tuna | Review Project

Review Project ICO,IEO,Exchange.. Contact Info: Telegram: @Tuna_Duong2

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