Do you like dogs?.yes CoPuppy project
is the first BSC doggy project to debut in Metaverse

How are you? . Coming to today’s project sharing post, I want to introduce to you a very potential and wonderful project, so what is that project? . As you know, the current NFT trend is quite popular and loved by many investors. So to this article, I would like to introduce to you a project called CoPuppy NFT. Let’s go and learn about this wonderful project together.

CoPuppy Introduction

CoPuppy is the most attractive Metaverse project on BSC. The project includes collectibles, Games, finance, etc., constructing an open Puppy World. CoPuppy has a unique ecosystem and economic model, which combines the current popular mining, NFT, GameFi , Metaverse and other popular concepts, and innovates on this basis.

In the near future, CoPuppy will evolve into a large-scale decentralized Metaverse project containing multiple different ecosystems and projects.

About CoPuppy 3D Collection

Genesis Card

Genesis Card is the governance NFT of CoPuppy and the core element of Metaverse-”Puppy World”. Genesis Card has 10 dog images, each of which has only one image, which is extremely scarce and valuable.

Puppies holding the Genesis Card NFT have the exclusive right to propose “Puppy World” governance. It is the only warrant for puppy community governance, owns basic rights and interests such as voting rights, bonus rights and supervision rights. The Genesis Card is divided into four types: cyberpunk, knight, ninja and Viking warrior.

GameFi — Puppy Battle:

Game introduction

The Copuppy battle consists of 100 puppies of different shapes, with a total of 10 different dog categories, as follows:

Shiba Inu, Husky, Pug, St. Bernard, Corgi, Alaska, Teddy, Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Bichon Frise

Among them, Shiba Inu, Husky, Pug and St. Bernard are the four most influential gangs in “CoPuppy World”. Puppies can choose their favorite gangs and join them to help gangs get more rewards.

The first round of the dog fight will open the above four breeds of dogs, and 20% of the dog’s ticket income will be distributed to the holders of the Genesis Card.

Battle card NFT

Unique Features of CoPuppy There are 4 interesting features as follows :

Timeline, cute pet series, science series, fantasy series have 4 different types and in any card you own get 20% of CP reward value.

about token :

Symbol: CP

Contract address: 0x82c19905b036bf4e329740989dcf6ae441ae26c1

Initial price: 1 CP = 0.05 USDT(2,000,000 CP : 100,000 USDT)

Public chain: BinanceSmartChain(BEP-20)

Initial output: 15CP/BLOCK

Token distribution :

The output hard top is set for the total output of CP, the output hard top is: 1 billion.

The initial output per block is 15; Every 14 days, the supply will be reduced by 10% and the production will be reduced 10 times in a row.

During the 10st production reduction cycle, the community voted to decide to continue or stop production of CP, or to produce other equity performance with various possibilities such as governance Token.

conclusion :

This is a new project compared to many people but it really has a great idea of ​​very unique collections. Do you like dogs? Personally, I especially like dogs and they are very cute. Through my project analysis, perhaps you have a better understanding of the CoPuppy project. Why not join now and buy yourself a super cute NFT collection.

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