DXB token is a project that plans to include many technologies for decentralized finance


Before getting into the core of the project, I would like to share with you about Cryptoqurrency or Blockchain Technology. Cryptocurrency was originally known as a payment system that allows anyone to make transactions quickly, without third parties, transparently, securely and anonymously. Satoshi, the creator of Bitcoin, makes Bitcoin beat the centralized financial system that is easily manipulated and controlled by one party. With the growth and development of the cryptocurrency or blockchain ecosystem, a number of alternative investment options have emerged that have proven to be more effective and profitable investment tools than traditional financial returns. Innovative projects are constantly appearing in the crypto industry with high-return investments and constant trends, such as DXB being one of the projects that will attract large investments across the world. Around the world. market. So don’t waste this golden opportunity.

About the DxSale Project?

DXB is building a payment model that utilizes cross-chain capabilities to serve the needs of merchants, and offer a safe payment gateway that allows a wider sector of clients to shop online and pay using their crypto currency.

DXB Pay will facilitates large-scale online payments through cryptocurrency in a decentralized and cost effective environment.

DXB is the utility token that will power the DXB pay ecosystem for all future DeFi products. The DXB token is a specialized cryptocurrency with a plan to encompass multiple technologies like DeFi, merchant payment channels, incentives, and charity.

DXB is a decentralized, cross-chain, token management service. Its aim is to deliver a smart ecosystem, coupled with a generous program, expedited via the token. DXB aims to apply the possibilities presented by BSC, to create a cross-chain payment protocol.


DXB Token’s contract follows an intelligent two burning mechanisms and rewards system spread across two stages. Token Burn continues until Stage two is achieved

Fee Distribution

Token Sale

The token sale of DXB aims to achieve an orderly, organized and democratic distribution of a fraction of the tokens. The first round of Token Sale will take place on 28th July 2021.

The token sale will be achieved through the DxSale entity www.dxsale.app . The process will start with a pre-sale of 14% of the supply divided in two rounds. Any extra tokens left from the presale will be automatically sent to the burn address, reducing the supply even before the PancakeSwap listing. The sale will also be supplemented by a 11% airdrop to facilitate wider adoption.

The token sale is built to limit the creation of “whale” wallets, as no presale buyer can hold more than 1% of the supply. The token sale will be monitored by the experienced DxSale www.dxsale.app platform, a dedicated startup for tokenization and token sale as a service. Well-curated token sales with a fair distribution serve to build trust and create credibility for the project.


The DXB project is a very cool project and the future features that serve the benefit of the users are quite high, apart from the fact that users just need to keep their tokens in their wallet and do not need to do anything. profit from holding tokens this is a feature I am very happy with. Join the experience today before it’s too late.

► For more details, please visit the link below:

Website: https://dxbpay.cc/

Telegram: https://t.me/DXBPay

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DXBPay-104010111894944/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DxbPay?s=09

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Review Project ICO,IEO,Exchange.. Contact Info: tunaduong999@gmail.com Telegram: @Tuna_Duong2

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David Tuna | Review Project

David Tuna | Review Project

Review Project ICO,IEO,Exchange.. Contact Info: tunaduong999@gmail.com Telegram: @Tuna_Duong2

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