ETNA is an attractive and unique defi game project, a game project that attracts many investors’ attention

What is ETNA?

About project specific features :


  • Our DeFi product is a combination of the two largest DeFi-type applications:
  • DeBank, the first lending/borrowing network to support the use of NFTs as collateral and also grants interest-free loans to ETNA holders.
  • The first hybrid liquidity protocol with Broker-Buyer Type (BBT) trading feature.


  • All-in-one marketplace and factory for Game Assets and NFTs.
  • ETNA powered, Value locked NFT marketplace, instant trading of game assets/NFTs with all assets value pegged on a price-demand curves.
  • Bringing Digital art creators and collectors together.


  • Hybrid gaming ecosystem for all, enables the seamless integration of conventional games on the blockchain.
  • Conventional game assets digitization mechanism.
  • The Tournament, live global gaming events. Players from around the globe compete virtually and more.

Why choose ETNA?

About their technology :

  • ETNA’s DeFi product combines a hybrid banking network, the first to support the use of NFTs as collateral and a hybrid liquidity protocol with enhanced user experience facilitated by our novel broker-buyer type trading feature.
  • ETNA’s NFT Factory is an all-in-one marketplace and factory, it is the first NFT marketplace that facilitates spot trading of supported assets. The factory allows creators to easily mint digital assets and showcase them to collectors.
  • ETNA’s gaming ecosystem is developed to bridge the gap between decentralized gaming applications and conventional ones. With our tech, developers of conventional games are able to deploy such games on the blockchain easily.

Token details :




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