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3 min readAug 17, 2021

Coming to today’s post, I would like to introduce to you a wonderful project called TFS token. This is a great project and attracts many investors’ attention. Why am I sharing this great project with you, let’s go together to learn more about this large functional project.

What is TFS token?

The TFS token is a new digital currency that will serve as a standard payment method at Fairspin online casino with over 338,000 real users and a net profit of $4.5 million.

TFS is a deflationary model token with a limited supply regulated by smart contracts and monthly redemptions where a certain percentage of tokens are withdrawn from circulation.

TFS will replace existing loyalty program in casinos and provide additional ways to reward players and investors alike with TokenBack & trueSooter program

Easy to use widget for token holders! Deposit, trueStake,

Exchange and withdraw your money anytime!

TFS tokens are credited to the user’s account as a direct reward after staking

Token accumulation is allowed more than 37.5% annual reward

The TFS token has a deflationary model component

TFS tokens can be deposited, deposited and withdrawn at any time directly with the Trueplay platform

Mining Tokens Allowed.

Widget Overview:

Easy to use Widget for token holders! Deposit, trueStake,
exchange and withdraw your funds anytime!

This is the next big thing in crypto :


  • Get TFS tokens for playing at Fairspin
  • Stake TFS tokens to multiply your holdings
  • Exchange TFS tokens at Uniswap


  • The value of TFS token is expected to grow once listed at Uniswap
  • TFS is a deflationary token with a regular buyback and a limited total supply
  • Stable circulation and demand ensured by Fairspin platform with over 13,000 active users

Opportunities :

  1. Mine TFS tokens for
    keep playing at Fairspin
  2. Use trueStake option
    to multiply TFS tokens
  3. Withdraw, buy or sell
    TFS tokens at Uniswap

Tokenomics & Token allocation:

-TFS tokens are credited to the user’s account as a reward directly after placing a bet

-Staking of tokens is allowed more than 37,5% annual reward

-TFS token has a deflationary model component

-TFS token can be deposited, staked and withdrawn any time directly with TruePlay Widget platform

  • Mining of tokens is allowed

Conclusion :

This is a fairly new project that has not yet reached many users and is on the way of development. Although it has a unique idea as well as a profitable part, it is very suitable for investors, but the important thing when developing is the community and large users, so the project needs to actively promote the product. as well as this great idea reaching more users as well as investors.

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