Potential project Moonconnect aims to be the most equitable and distributed token in the universe

Coming to today’s article, I want to introduce to you a very potential and wonderful project with global goals and big ambitions in the future, And what is this project? How does it work?.Why am I sharing this wonderful project.

What is Moonconnect?

Moonconnect aims to become the most decentralized and fairly distributed token in the universe by reaching at least 5.000.000 holders! More than 70% of the circulating supply will be sent through random Airdrops, Bounties and Rewards.

About Progressive distribution :

Almost all tokens share one problem: the circulating supply is unevenly distributed. Only a handful of individuals own most of the supply, leading to a constant sell-off by whales and an unsustainable price floor. Now, it’s time to make a change!

Moonconnect fixed this problem by designing a game-changing progressive delivery mechanism. This mechanism is responsible for distributing the entire allocated supply (70% of the circulating supply) to a minimum of 5 million users, and by doing so, Moonconnect: A distributed token and fair distribution best ever.

1.Token distribution

30% — Burned up at launch Forever
50% — Airdrop, Bonuses & Rewards
10% — Presale & Liquidity (Locked)
5% — Airdrop & Marketing Fee
5% — Team & Development Fund

2.Image of a fire icon.

30% of tokens were burned
During the launch, a Black Hole created by sending 30% of the total supply to a dead wallet will continue to expand due to the token’s reflection mechanism.

3. Picture an orange speaker.

5% reflect to the holder
Earn your share from 5% fee charged from each transaction by holding Moonconnect Token in your wallet. No additional farming platform or staking protocol needed!

4.Image of a percent sign in orange circle.

5% for Liquidity Group
Every transaction provides a Liquidity Feed and the overall liquidity of the Token increases continuously. This increases the stability of the pool and also supports the price floor.

Current stats table recently updated : they have


Token Holders


Telegram Members




Core Team Members

Moonconnect Orbital Station :

Moonconnect Wallet

Simple to use practical and reliable mobile wallet to ensure anyone will be able to get started with $MCONN in seconds and without the need of any crypto-related expertise. Store, send or receive your tokens directly in-app. Unlocks on 500K Holders.

Mooncash Incubator

The Mooncash Incubator will allow Moonconnect Holders to collect Mooncash Tokens. These tokens will be the main currency that will be used in Moonconnect Orbital Station. They can also be sold for some extra profit. Unlocks on 1M Holders.

Moonconnect Colonizer

Get your hands on freshly minted, collectible NFT’s. All you need is Mooncash Tokens! MC Colonizer will let you train, level, and compete with your NFT’s in order to colonize the moon and collect unique rewards. Unlocks on 2M Holders.

Moonconnect Tools

All the tools necessary to succeed on Binance Smart Chain. Utilities such as Live Charts, Coin Trackers, Wallet Trackers + much more built on Next-Generation Infrastructure. Boosted features with Mooncash Tokens. Unlocks on 3M Holders.

conclusion :

this is a new project that is still young but has a pretty big ambition and is passionate about cryptocurrencies. I feel this is a project with a strong development platform with ideas and ambitions of world-class stature. Soon the moonconnect project will be one of the projects that many investors pay attention to. However, it is still quite new and needs to actively promote the project more to be able to reach more users. Surely through my article about the moonconnect project, you also understand about the features and greatness of the moonconnect project, right? , Why not join them today, the start of the project needs the support of wise investors like you.

► For more details, please visit the link below:

Wed : https://moonconnect.net/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/MoonconnectNET

Telegram : https://t.me/moonconnectNET

►The author
Bitcointalk username: annabelle0
BitcoinTalk profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2909035
Proof of Authentication: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5349741.msg57645935#msg57645935

BSC Wallet Address: 0xe059adCbAE2f3C8aEc160053BF44277069d6A5cF

► Disclaimer
Videos are for informational purposes only and are not calls to action.
⚠️ All responsibility for the safety of your money belongs to you.
⚠️ I am not responsible for your decisions.




Review Project ICO,IEO,Exchange.. Contact Info: tunaduong999@gmail.com Telegram: @Tuna_Duong2

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David Tuna | Review Project

David Tuna | Review Project

Review Project ICO,IEO,Exchange.. Contact Info: tunaduong999@gmail.com Telegram: @Tuna_Duong2

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