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Today as we know, cryptocurrency is no stranger to all of us and accounts for a high percentage in all types of transactions and that is where projects come into being. Expectations and target to dominate the market to get there really must have a team and a right direction for the development process. Because of grasping the current demand factors, Persistence was born. How does it work together let’s find out!

First of all, what is Persistence?
Is a protocol that combines loan, borrowing and asset-based debt management issuance, bringing the power of real-world assets to DeFi. It does so by facilitating the lending of crypto assets, using real-world assets in the form of billed NFTs, and then using them as wrapped financial products.
Persistence One is designed to enhance the transfer of value between two financial worlds by enabling value transfer through seamless interoperability via on-off ramps. It was developed to promote open and inclusive finance in addition to addressing payment and financial inefficiencies.
With the mission to bring profit and confidence of investors
Their method of operation lies in four (1) coding steps; (2) transaction; (3) the origin of the debt and (4) its securitization. The process begins with encoding real-world assets in the NFT format. This is done so that the assets can be fully represented on the blockchain.

And Next, trade such NFTs with stablecoins. Not only that, persistence has advantages that other investors expect are:
1. They Use Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Allows users to interact with both traditional and digital assets in a global and open context.
2. Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Makes digital and real-world assets, such as invoices, collectibles and art, more accessible.
3. Proof-of-Stake (PoS) Create products to create opportunities and solve challenges surrounding the new PoS consensus mechanism in a multi-chain environment.

Thanks to the advantages that persistence can develop and access to the market today, they take advantage of all their own inherent experience to produce products to help the project day by day. more and more go up. Not only that, recognizing that the current market creates a sustainable blockchain system also system Proof of Stake (PoS), the protocol has three layers of Persistence chain (application chain creates security from the main chain. and its validator), Persistence SDK (a plug and play modular system that provides functionality on the network), and dApps Persistence (financial-based application).
Its design principles are chain sovereignty (independent secure blockchain operation), liquidity, and usability for business purposes. The Persistence protocol blockchain system is privacy protected by default but still complies with laws and regulations, is integrated with FIAT on and off-ramps, and allows for simplified processes. Through the SDK elements, the platform can effectively deploy cryptocurrencies with real-world use cases, ensuring a continuous sustainable source of income. By doing so, it opens up a huge potential for MSME businesses in the DeFi sector through untapped liquidity; thus offering enormous opportunity in the crypto space.

Speaking of which, we cannot ignore the focus of this project which is the lending platform of Persistence comdex. This is all the decisive factor in the project, it is derived from the profits that we get, talking about comdex, this is the result of the collaboration between the dynamic team Persistence One and the business. Business people in Singapore rely on the platform’s ecosystem to bring future blockchain integration. According to recent developments, the Comdex protocol has been gaining traction in the blockchain. Comdex has managed over $ 55 million in trading volume, outpacing its competitors in terms of on-chain assets.
We will all ask, however:
Does Persistence have all the requirements to attract investors and other public partners?
Other current DeFi infrastructure is not beneficial for institutional customers and companies. This is mainly because existing DeFi projects have red institutional red flags such as false anonymity, transaction details and open operations, non-compliance, only electricity-based settlements. and have the complexity transferred to the user (gas payment, security, key management, risk management ..
However, the Persistence protocol was able to do just that, such as providing verifiable anonymity, hidden transaction details and records, legal compliance, FIAT-based settlement guarantees, and regulation. Simplified menu — gas payments, platform-operated security and key management. It also provides an institutional level infrastructure that these clients are already familiar with.

Next we will talk about XPRT token, also known as persistence token, how does it work by protocol? Feature efficiency like?
Persistence has a native token called $ XPRT which is built as ERC-20 (currently) based token and has a 100 million supply). Its main applications are betting (to participate in cybersecurity), community governance (allowing owners to vote on important issues), rewards (to contribute to the network), and code. job announcements (gain value from online activities).
And the StakeDrop Campaign is done through the pStake protocol which ensures the issuance of representative tokens (stk tokens) on Ethereum backed by staked assets.
In the case of ATOM; Non-liquid staked ATOM tokens can be converted into liquid representation ER-20 tokens that can be used in the vast and growing DeFi space, powered by the Ethereum blockchain. This means that the newly deposited ATOMS will now be able to be used as collateral when borrowing different types of stablecoins.
Through this system, participants are given the opportunity to implement differentiation strategies tailored to their needs in the blockchain.
pStake offers a unique way to bet PoS tokens and in the near future a percentage of all tokens staked via pStake will also be staked through the validator, thus ensuring the development of both protocols in the blockchain.

Overall this is a new-stature DeFi project that aims to all the advantages of a DeFi project, and moreover, they anonymize their profile and transact intelligently Overall this is a project. DeFi takes new stature towards all the advantages a DeFi project must have, and moreover, they anonymize their records and transact transparently, legitimizing the manner of transactions and bringing Cryptocurrency comes close to users with the ambition to use the latest generation of blockchain innovation to put into practice and be used in parallel with today’s traditional finance.

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