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3 min readJul 25, 2021

Rainy night starts 7/26/2021 at 03:07 AM

Coming to today’s post I want to tell you about my feelings in this article towards the coin 98 project. I am an investor as well as a user of coin 98. Over the years I have always been a coin 98 user. a loyal user of this project. Not only that, since I started to participate in the coin 98 market, they have helped me a lot in finding information as well as detailed articles about all projects. They helped me a lot in the first time. I have been following and accompanying you since the beginning of the project until now.
and Why I am writing this article today is because of today, the day when the success of the project is known to the whole world. During the past 4 years, the ups and downs of the coin 98 project I have accompanied and supported.

Today as I write this article, these are my true feelings to you as well as sharing the joy with you in the project. The day the project was listed on binance, also known as the world’s largest exchange. I feel like bursting with indescribable joy.I am not happy because I have invested in the right project that brings quite a large profit for myself, but what I am most happy about is that you are Vietnamese who have made the name of the Vietnamese people to the world. . You know I’ve participated in quite a few projects but all of them are multi-level scams and a lot of them are us Vietnamese.

I feel very bored with Vietnamese projects. It was you coin 98 who changed everyone’s view of Vietnam’s cryptocurrency platform.

I used all my emotions and thoughts to write on a rainy night at 03:07 am in Vietnam. You know, I’ve been thinking for a long time to be able to write these autobiographical lines for you, I can’t keep my eyes off of all the great news you’ve had these past few days. though I don’t know if my writing is good or not? Or did you get a high score on this test? . Because I just want to share with you the feelings tonight of someone who loves Vietnam, of someone who is extremely proud of you.

And one last thing that I want to share is the team. I myself am a person who has failed many times in life as well as in career, but I suddenly thought, a person like Mr. Le Thanh has failed in the past, how can he be like today? I really admire and think. that I will definitely be like him. And I believe that failure is definitely the mother of success. And you are my role model. It seems that the source of emotions is limited, so I would like to stop my article here, thank you for reading and in this article I send my congratulations and joy to you.

End of rainy night 07/26/2021 at 03:23 am

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