Why coin 98 is invested by many large investment funds and is one of the leading projects in Vietnam?

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4 min readJul 25, 2021

Coming to this sharing article, I want to send you an article about coin 98. As you all know, the coin 98 project has experienced a lot of ups and downs over the years, why is this project getting attention from many investment funds. and trusted by many supporters to use coin 98?.Then let’s go to find out what coin 98 is?

What is Coin 98?

is a Protocol that provides a one-stop platform for users to access the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem, such as decentralized exchanges, lending protocols, on-chain governance (via Snapshot). ) and blockchain-based games. Users can also perform cross-chain migration through the mobile app, which supports more than 20 networks such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Avalanche, Near, etc.

What products does the current Coin98 ecosystem have?

The products of coin 98 include the following :

Coin98 Exchange:

An omnidirectional liquidity aggregator that helps users to swap, staking, lend, borrow and earn cryptocurrency. It offers smart order routing for the best rates and low slippage.


A cross-chain bridge that allows swapping and transferring across multiple networks. Space Gate supports moving tokens between the following networks:

ERC20 <-> SPL

ERC20 <-> TRC20 <-> BEP20

ERC20 <-> AVAX C-Chain <-> AVAX X-Chain

token details

  • Token Name: Coin98 Wallet
  • Ticker: C98
  • Blockchain: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain
  • Token Standard: ERC-20, BEP-20
  • Contract: Updating
  • Token Type: Utility, Governance
  • Total Supply: C98
  • Circulating Supply: Updating

Token Allocation

Team: 20%
Advisor: 2%
Seed Sale: 5%
Strategic Sales: 15%
Ecosystem development: 21%
Community development: 20%
Liquidity bonus: 5%
Reserve fund: 12%

Core features of coin 98 :

1.Ecosystem development: C98 revenue from transaction fees will be deposited into the treasury and partly devoted to product development and future ecosystem growth.

2.Staking: The remainder of the treasury will be allocated to C98 holders who have staking their tokens. The exact distribution is subject to protocol administration and is subject to change.

3.Governance: Users can stake C98 in exchange for X98 tokens to gain voting rights as well as participate in the governance process to change product parameters.

4.Unique Membership: Users will receive tiered benefits across the platform, depending on their X98 holdings. Some of the benefits include access to participate in the Coin98 launch pad and valid offers from strategic partners.

why say coin 98 is a coin that many large investment funds pay attention to ?

It is thanks to these outstanding advantages that have helped coin 98 grow stronger and stronger, not only that, coin 98 has formed an ecosystem for many years aimed at real users. as an investor so far i have read a lot of their helpful articles. Thanks to the sharing and analysis of https://coin98.net, I am very satisfied with the platform.recently they have taken a step further that is a step on binance, different from many other projects, each project they take many years but coin 98 has been something that is very proud of the money platform Vietnam’s electronics.

Success follows success despite many difficulties, but coin 98 is where it is today thanks to an extremely enthusiastic and passionate team. Personally, during my few years with the project, thanks to coin 98, I have accumulated a lot of experience on many of their platforms. And certainly in the future coin 98 will grow even stronger so as not to disappoint all users who have supported.

General comments about the project :

This is a project with a diverse ecosystem possessing many utilities as well as all the necessary elements that investors need to find, Through the sharing of my characteristics, I am sure that you have also experienced it. experience and have the same thoughts as me. I am very satisfied with all the features it brings. According to my own speculation, the project will be a turning point so that Vietnam’s cryptocurrency is not inferior to any country in the world.

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