Why is safe sex finance one of the projects not inferior to safe moon?

David Tuna | Review Project
3 min readNov 17, 2021


Hello everyone, my name is Tuna Duong .

How are you?

Coming to today’s post, I want to share with you a unique creative and educational project, with the current inspiration of sex education and the goal of safely crossing the moon, they have launched the project. It’s called safe sex finance, what is it like and what are its features? .You guys learn with me through my article below.

What is Safe sex finance ?

about the history of safe sex finance?

We have a long history, launching V1 in March 2021 and doing manual swaps and airdrops in May. All wallets have moved to V2 and with that migration we are now Processing. has built a strong community ready to watch us join the fight, spreading SEX wherever we go.

With the creation of safer sex and more attractive SafeMoon!!!!

Join this project’s mission that they will send $SEX to the moon.
SafeSex Finance is a BSC DeFi charity token spreading SafeSex activities around the world!
Currently, the project is focused on launching a joint PFP NFT pixel art collection, Condomon’s Army, with the ultimate goal of integrating NFTs into a Web3 blockchain integrated game.
The money the team hopes to generate through the sale of NFTs will be invested in the development of SafeSex Finance — other NFT projects, web development, branding and game development. Not only that, the project is also looking to launch a brand, selling SafeSex merchandise with their beloved mascots and NFTs.

There are 3 main features are :


This is a coin meme project with unique creations that they want to give users the best experience that is both educational and humane and can become their investors.

Next I would like to introduce to you the project roadmap and the goals they set:

Detailed RoadMap

Here and Now

Condomon’s Army

We are working hard on a generative mint-on-demand pfp NFT pixel art project featuring Condomon. We are aiming to launch this at the end of October.

Infinity and Beyond

Digging Our Heels In

After the NFT launch:

Continue Marketing Efforts -> Quit My Job -> Establish Corporate Entity -> Launch Brand -> Explore Web3 Gaming


  • Total Supply: 4,000,000,000 $SEX
  • Burn Tokens: 600,000,000 $SEX (15 %)
  • Marketing Wallet: 300,000,000 $SEX
  • Team Wallet: 42,000,000 $SEX

10 % tax fees on buy/sell

Fees Breakdown:

  • 4 % Redistributed to Holders
  • 3 % Liquidity Pool & Marketing
  • 3 % To Charity

Contract : 0xdc80f1ad93f65ed580262568cece59f56dff2433

Audit : https://safesex.finance/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/safesexV2-Audit.pdf

About the team of safe sex finance :

As far as I know their team is DeFi enthusiasts and the project tokenomics was born with the aim of optimizing for organic growth and long lasting pumps that you never have to pull out. Stop investing in conventional coins here today and disappear tomorrow, Join me and them in the project of safe sex long-term goals today. I feel very satisfied with what they are building with a long term project with a strong team around their FULL DOXXED teammate Tony. Why not try this amazing project with me with The unique and wonderful features make me happy too and that’s why I want to share it with you in my post today.

► For more details, please visit the link below:

Wedsite : https://www.safesex.finance/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/safesexofficial

Telegram chat EN : https://t.me/SafeSexFinance

Telegram chat VN : https://t.me/safesexvn

Contract : 0xdc80f1ad93f65ed580262568cece59f56dff2433

Audit : https://safesex.finance/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/safesexV2-Audit.pdf