why say A currency dedicated to global aviation and travel-related economies?

Coming to today’s post I want to introduce to you a very cool project, this is a kind of currency. A currency dedicated to global aviation and tourism related economies.Why me Would you like to introduce yourself to this amazing project? And what benefits does it bring us? . Let’s go and learn about this great idea project together.

What is eastcoin?

A currency dedicated to global aviation and travel-related economies. Eastcoin increases in value every time it stirs, giving an increase to every service player and individual that will use the coin and platform.

What is the grand vision of the case?

We envision an international global community where all shareholders use EAST currency to pay for goods and services in the airline and travel industries quickly and efficiently. EAST will add value to deliver sustainability, longevity and ultimately reduce the literal cost of the services provided. EAST Coin looks forward to walking this journey together.

Coin Structures

EASTCOIN acts as a “new meter” exposure measurement. Every time the coin is used, the increase in the value of the COIN will bring many benefits to every distributor holding the coin in their E-Wallet.


Eastcoin’s ecosystem thrives on four core related industries: aviation, tourism, hospitality, and emerging technologies.

Now there is a convenient mobile app wallet that you can download :


Introducing East Pay Peer-to-peer transfer.
Stored digital tokens.
Increase revenue with a coded loyalty program.
Streamline the company’s business transactions.
Global Blockchain Payments Infrastructure.

Details about the token and how it is allocated :

token details :

token allocation :

Why Eastcoin?

EAST (EuruFly Air Share Token) Stable CURRENCY was conceived and brought to life, not only because of the opportunity those cryptocurrencies present, but also because we are living in digital possibilities. of the connected world.

It will act as an additional currency, as it is a dedicated, user-oriented coin that will be tied to providing the ultimate value in a “closed community”. The value will be derived from the asset value of the collective economic value of the industries it serves on a steady basis.

Conclusion :

This is a project with a very good and unique idea about the tourism industry, I am quite satisfied with the useful features of the project, however, because the project is still young and has not yet reached many users, so There are still limitations, it is necessary to actively promote the project about these powerful outstanding features to investors as well as users. Let them understand the benefits of participating in the project. Personally, I find the project very good and through my analysis, do you feel the same great thing about the project as I do?

► For more details, please visit the link below:

Wed :https://eastcoin.io/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/eastcoin2

Telegram : https://t.me/eastcoingroup

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