why say A currency dedicated to global aviation and travel-related economies?

Coming to today’s post I want to introduce to you a very cool project, this is a kind of currency. A currency dedicated to global aviation and tourism related economies.Why me Would you like to introduce yourself to this amazing project? And what benefits does it bring us? . Let’s go and learn about this great idea project together.

What is eastcoin?

What is the grand vision of the case?

Coin Structures


Now there is a convenient mobile app wallet that you can download :


Details about the token and how it is allocated :

token details :

token allocation :

Why Eastcoin?

It will act as an additional currency, as it is a dedicated, user-oriented coin that will be tied to providing the ultimate value in a “closed community”. The value will be derived from the asset value of the collective economic value of the industries it serves on a steady basis.

Conclusion :

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Wed :https://eastcoin.io/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/eastcoin2

Telegram : https://t.me/eastcoingroup

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