why say bitgesell was born for the wrong purpose of innovating mobile and desktop ?

Coming to today’s article, I would like to introduce to you an extremely great and potential project. why I am telling you this and how the project features I highly appreciate this project. bitgesell project brings solutions to mobile and desktop problems in the crypto space.

What is bitgesell?

Bitgesell is a proof of work (PoW) digital currency developed on its own “bitgesell chain” to function as a store of value just like bitcoin. Bitgesell’s primary purpose is as a store of value, emulating bitcoin with only a maximum supply of 21 million Bitgesell coins ever in circulation. After learning from bitcoin bottlenecks; the flagship cryptocurrency, Bitgesell was able to go one step ahead of bitcoin by developing a tokenomic that is superior to bitcoin.

Bitgesell’s goal and mission:

The BITGESELL platform aims to create the design of an asset that will continuously increase or increase its market value.
It also intends to develop and implement some distinctive changes in its programming asset model.
Their mission misplaces the purpose of innovating and providing effective solutions to mobile and desktop problems in the crypto space.

Core features :


The BITGESELL platform has set up this feature to cause an increase in the price/market value.
Hence its total supply value of the BITGESELL TOKEN is twenty million (20,000,000)
Just the BTC this feature won’t be changed, because it will cause a loss of its integrity.


This feature is tagged radical burning because the BITGESELL platform burns ninety percent (90%) of its transactions charges.
Hence this act will cause a reduction in the amount over time and hence further make this token even more scarce compared to BTC.


Unlike BTC where it’s halving happens 210.000 blocks. The BITGESELL HALVINGS will happen 210.000/4 or 52.500 blocks.
This in clear terms is one year between each halving instead of four years.

token details:

Title: Bitgesell
Blockchain : bgl.bitaps.com
Symbol: BGL
Price : $0.01676 — at the time of writing

why choose bitgesell?

1.Unique burning mechanism:

Bitgesell’s operating model helps increase the value of $BGL used to increase transactions on the Bitgesell blockchain. 90% of transaction costs are burned to reduce supply thereby increasing demand and reducing supply.

2. Accelerated halving:

The rate at which halving occurs on bitgesell is faster, larger and unique than any other blockchain industry. Halving occurs every 210.00/4 or 52,500

3. Transparency:

Blockchain is an open and distributed ledger. It only allows to record data in a visible way which means new records can be added to the ledger but old records cannot be tampered with without creating a completely different ledger. This unique property enables the ledger to be a solid, auditable database that two or more parties can trust without any doubt in its trustworthiness.

4. Speed:

Speed ​​is key and vital as long as technology is a concern. Everyone wants their transactions to be done in seconds and not the old-fashioned, hours-old way to make transactions. Bitgesell’s blockchain technology has all the best features of a fourth generation blockchain with faster consensus, including very fast transaction confirmation. This ensures maximum speed in transactions.

Conclusion :

this is a project I appreciate about their feature as well as solution. But because the project is still young and quite new to many users, it still has limitations and needs to be promoted more aggressively. As for the idea, this is a pretty good solution for everyone as well as investors. Through my article, you can probably understand more about the bitgesell project, it will be better if you try it. why not try it now and join the bitgesell project today

► For more details, please visit the link below:

Web: https://bitgesell.ca/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Bitgesell

Telegram: https://t.me/bitgesellofficial

Medium: https://bitgesell.medium.com/

►The author
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