why say Coinchum is a peer-to-peer marketplace for different crypto services

What is Chumcoin?

  1. Tiered deposit or withdrawal fees for all the cryptocurrencies.
  2. Awesome affiliate program (Users earn a percentage by their referrals.).
  3. Cryptographically secured wallet provided by Multi-Party Computation (MPC) technology
  4. Flexible exit plans for investors(SPAC setup and operation in Hong Kong)

Wallet Security

1st Layer — Multi Cloud with MPC

2nd Layer — Software Guard Extension(SGX)

3rd Layer — Policy Engine

4th Layer — Settlement layer

Core features of the project :

1.Limited choices on coin selection. No risk hedging tools.

  • An open voting system
  • Binary trading pairs with low fees

2.Poor or non-existence customer service

  • Fast reply from online chat
  • Fast resolution for login & account issues

3.Less security on account and wallet

  • Assets insurance
  • Fund password Account Security
  • GA
  • Anti-phishing

4.High fraudulent probability

  • Anti-Scam (before trade)
  • Anti-Scam (after trade)

5.Lack of cryptoanalysis tools

  • Detailed price analysis tool
  • Powerful events & information terminal

6.Lack of education

  • Cryptocurrency Academy
  • Education resources

7.Inflexible fee structure

  • Affordable and user friendly fee rate

8.Lack of user voice

  • Collect user opinions and suggestions
  • Let users add crypto wiki and more related materials

Conclusion :



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