why say Coinchum is a peer-to-peer marketplace for different crypto services

Today is a great day and I want to share with you a very interesting project. Chumcoin is a project that is a peer-to-peer marketplace for various crypto services, including Bitcoin, USDT and Ethereum, XRP, and the Chum token. Coinchum integrates web-based features with an intuitive interface that allows users to learn from educational resources. Why am I recommending this amazing project, let’s go into details about it together.

What is Chumcoin?

Coinchum is a Peer to Peer marketplace with various cryptocurrency offerings, including Bitcoin, USDT, and Ethereum, XRP and the Chum token. Coinchum integrates web-based features with an intuitive interface that enables users to learn from education resources, as well as trade cryptocurrencies using advanced market tools that allow for the efficient monitoring and analysis of market trends. Coinchum is committed to working with investors to ensure that their interests are embedded in each stage of the business process :

  1. Tiered deposit or withdrawal fees for all the cryptocurrencies.
  2. Awesome affiliate program (Users earn a percentage by their referrals.).
  3. Cryptographically secured wallet provided by Multi-Party Computation (MPC) technology
  4. Flexible exit plans for investors(SPAC setup and operation in Hong Kong)

Wallet Security

Coinchum’s wallet security is protected via MPC which is cryptographically secured and protects the wallet from any human error or cyber-attack. Security to a wallet address is necessary as many individuals and institutions are entering this ecosystem. MPC provides four layers of security. These consist of:

1st Layer — Multi Cloud with MPC

The Multi Cloud provides security to the private key as it is never on a single device. The MPC and CMP (Certificate Management protocol) remove any single point of contact from both the internal and external hackers.

2nd Layer — Software Guard Extension(SGX)

SGX is encryption by the CPU of a portion of the RAM (i.e. computer memory) used to store each private key. The RAM and data are encrypted in the SGX which protects them from any hack or malware attack, even if the hacker has overall control over the Operating System.

3rd Layer — Policy Engine

This layer enables institutions and organizations to set their own approval policies for transaction, hence, it is called Policy Engine. The Policy Engine is also client-facing: it enables users to set their own rules and validation processes needed prior to transaction approval.

4th Layer — Settlement layer

Since the deposit address’s authentication is automated, the settlement layer helps in mitigating risks by authentication rotation. This is very important as at stake here is institutional asset security.

these are the security layers of chumcoin wallet.

Core features of the project :

1.Limited choices on coin selection. No risk hedging tools.

  • An open voting system
  • Binary trading pairs with low fees

2.Poor or non-existence customer service

  • Fast reply from online chat
  • Fast resolution for login & account issues

3.Less security on account and wallet

Wallet security

  • Assets insurance
  • Fund password Account Security
  • GA
  • Anti-phishing

4.High fraudulent probability

  • Anti-Scam (before trade)
  • Anti-Scam (after trade)

5.Lack of cryptoanalysis tools

  • Detailed price analysis tool
  • Powerful events & information terminal

6.Lack of education

  • Cryptocurrency Academy
  • Education resources

7.Inflexible fee structure

  • Affordable and user friendly fee rate

8.Lack of user voice

  • Collect user opinions and suggestions
  • Let users add crypto wiki and more related materials

Conclusion :

this is a young and quite new project with many users, need to promote the project more and more great features as well as reach more feature-savvy users, I am quite satisfied about this project. Why I share with you about this great project must have given you a different thought about Chum coin through the article. Why not try out these great features with the project

► For more details, please visit the link below:

Wed : https://coinchum.co/

Telegram : https://t.me/ChumToken

Twitter : https://twitter.com/Coin_Chum

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