today is a great day I would like to introduce to you a very wonderful project, the great project is UNITY fund this is a project with great advantages that I especially want to share share with you.

What is Unity Fund?

UnityFund a project that is based around finding innovative ways to allow our users to combine their power together in order to open up new opportunities for passive income generation and collectivism.

What features of unity fund ?

1.Help Charities Improve the World

Use your voting power to select charities and organizations that will help make the world a little better every day.

2.100+ Digital Marketing Professionals

UnityFund is powered by more than 100 professional marketers, designers, devs and writers who have a passion for crypto and blockchain.

3.More Liquidity, Less Supply

4.5% of all UNITY transactions are auto lp’d and locked with this algorithmically cutting the supply that is available.

4.Looking to the Future

Lots of projects nowadays are here today gone tomorrow, but UnityFund is planning for the long term.

5.Join a Fun Crypto Community

As well as all of the serious business of using our crypto power to change the world, the Unity Community is a fun and welcoming place.

6.Earn Passive Yield from UNITY

All UNITY token holders earn a piece of the 4% that is taken from each transaction and distributed.


1.UnityFund is powered by a team of over 100 marketing professionals, devs, creatives and blockchain pros, and as a result provides a more reliable project to be a part of than many others on the market.

2.With the upcoming move to V2, the UnityFund DeFi platform and DAO will be deployed, enabling staking and enhanced yield generation, as we as distributed governance.

3.To give UnityFund the optimal conditions to grow and thrive, the team have committed to long-term participation and have taken various steps to ensure a safe, rug-pull free environment for the ecosystem.


Conclusion :

This is a very new project for many investors, but with the background and experience as well as ambition of the project team, in my opinion this will be a very interesting project. The potential is worth investing in in the future. Through this article, perhaps you can also see the great things that the project brings to us, why not try the experience with me and jointly develop the project.




Review Project ICO,IEO,Exchange.. Contact Info: tunaduong999@gmail.com Telegram: @Tuna_Duong2

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David Tuna | Review Project

David Tuna | Review Project

Review Project ICO,IEO,Exchange.. Contact Info: tunaduong999@gmail.com Telegram: @Tuna_Duong2

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